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Real world challenges

In an ideal world, logistics systems DELIVER: Bringing your products fastest to the markets, at lowest cost.

However, there are real world challenges, which need to be carefully analysed, in order to develop customized concepts. Some of the most common obstacles:

• Minimizing lead-times (i.e. quick delivery times), versus the need to minimize total cost of logistics, door to door.

• Minimum inventories (i.e. minimized storage of goods inside local warehouses and/or regional distribution centres), yet being able to service customers’ diverse orders, even within short term notice.

• Highly efficient supply chain: Minimizing the number of movements, in order to reduce the use of resources and added cost. - But how to put the customer first, being able to service the most erratic requirements? Efficiency should not stand in the way of customer service! Does it?

• In a market with fluctuating rates, how to ensure lowest cost, without having to constantly tender out spot-business?

• The list goes on…